Beauty Therapy

What is beauty therapy?

Beauty therapy relates to the provision and application, by trained beauticians, of a wide range of treatments and cosmetic techniques. Most of you have heard the famous saying that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. However, based on the steady popularity of the beauty therapy industry, it seems fair to say that everyone needs a little bit of assistance now and then.
You may well think that beauty therapy is a modern practice, but this is not the case. In fact, humans have been grooming themselves in one form or another since they first arrived on the planet – giving rise to the range of professional beauty therapy services we have today.
The concept behind beauty therapy has links with the earliest civilisations. In fact, both Ancient Greek and Egyptian civilisations carried out beauty treatments. Evidence found by archaeologists suggests the use of skin creams and oil treatments were commonplace during these eras. There is also evidence that both women and men used cosmetics during this time, including eyeliner.

benefits of a beauty therapy

Have you always been interested in a career in beauty therapy? With so many different career paths available to you within the industry, you’re promised an exciting and varied working life. Here are some of the benefits you can expect after successfully completing a beauty therapy qualification:
Huge range of study options – whether you’re interested in hair, nails, dermatology, or spa treatments, there really is a lot to study when it comes to beauty therapy. Some people choose to take a general course which covers lots of different areas- such as our Complete Beauty Course before focusing on a specialist area later in their career – such as brow lamination.
Growing demand = lots of job prospects – demand for beauty treatments is only increasing, which is good news for those about to take their first steps into the industry. From spas to nail salons, there is no shortage of places to work as a trained beauty therapist and, of course, you also have the option to open your own place.
A people-orientated profession – if you’re a self-confessed people person, there’s no better industry to find yourself in than beauty therapy. With the promise of new clients and new faces every day, you’ll always be around people, making the job exciting and engaging.

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