Dr. Golpanian was my anesthesiologist recently when I had a rhinoplasty procedure done by Dr. Nima Shemirani in Beverly Hills. Dr. Golpanian called me the night before my surgery to go over my health history and ask me if I have any concerns about anesthesia. When I expressed my only fear was being nauseous he told me that you would make sure that possibility was very low for me. Being put to sleep was such a breeze, I was pretty anxious but the entire medical staff was really nice and got me talking while he began the anesthesia. It was a very peaceful experience and I felt very comfortable going to sleep and waking up. Prior to the anesthesia he set up my IV and he was pleasant to chat with and helped me stay distracted. I love a doctor that can distract me from needles and pokes! Overall, I’m very pleased with my experience with Dr. Golpanian’s anesthesia work and bed side manner.

Anne Lyden

I had surgery done and the only thing I was super nervous about was waking up nauseous and sick. I let Dr. Golpanian the anesthesiologist know of my past history of coming out of asthenia.
I had got really sick and vomiting for two day from my first surgery and he assured me that that would not happen again and if I do get Nauseous it wouldn’t last long. He gave me a 95% chance of not getting sick.
Dr. Golpanian is very kind, respectful and knowledgeable in his profession. He was ready to answer any and all my questions.
After my surgery that I had with him being my anesthesiologist I had no nausea no vomiting and I went home feeling fine never got sick at home and that was my worst fear he was a great anesthesiologist I would recommend him to anybody.

Lenora Mae

I must say I was so nervous at first, but Dr. Golpanian made me feel so comfortable. He explained the whole procedure and answered every question I had. He assured me he would be by my side during my whole surgery to monitor me. The surgery was super successful. Dr Golpanian is one of the best , if not the best anesthesiologist in the field. I would recommend his services to all. It’s great to have a professional by your side when your life is in someone else’s hands and Dr. Golpanian is definitely a name you should trust.

LaMont Collins Jr

I work closely with Dr. Golpanian as one of our primary anesthesiologists. He provides excellent patient care by comforting them and reducing any pain or discomfort during the procedure. His IVs go in very smoothly and he’s extremely safe during the operation. My patients end up waking up quickly without any issues especially with postoperative nausea and vomiting. I give my highest recommendation for Dr. Golpanian as an anesthesiologist I would consider him to do my surgery as well if I ever needed it.

Dr. Nima Shemirani

Dr. Golpanian was amazing. He called me the night before surgery to tell me how it would go walk me through and slow Me to ask any questions. It was my first time under and he made it so comfortable. He gave me his personal number for questions. The day of surgery he came in met my husband and I in person and walked us through the stages again. I felt so comfortable as if I knew him. And he texted me after to see how I’m doing and how I feel. He definitely is all about his patients.

Angela Lat

Dr. Golpanian was my anesthesiologist for my tummy tuck, breast lift, and liposuction procedure on 9/14/21. Not only did he educate me about everything he was administering, Dr. Golpanian made sure I was extremely comfortable and eased any angst I was experiencing. His bedside manner was outstanding and I feel so lucky that I was able to have him as my anesthesiologist!

Kayla Labbee

Dr. Golpanian is an outstanding anesthesiologist in every way. As a surgeon, I trust the care of my patients to only a handful of anesthesiologists, and Dr. Golpanian is one of them. The safety and comfort of my patients is vitally important – Dr. Golpanian exceeds these expectations. Dr. Golpanian’s bedside manner is also high caliber. I give Dr. Golpanian the highest level recommendation.

Davis Nguyen

Great bedside manner. He made me feel at peace. He was so good I don’t remember any of the surgery. Plus he checked in on me later that day. That’s another area that is important to me as I am aware of possible risks that can occur. He made sure everything continued smoothly. Can’t stress enough how much I appreciated his work. Went down and woke up feeling better than what I expected. Highly recommend him.

Marilyn Cazun

Very attentive and great anesthesiologist. I felt very comfortable under his care and would gladly trust him with my life again. 🙏🏼

Fatima Farl

Dr. Golpanian, was awesome! Made me feel very comfortable and was very detailed in what he was going to do and insured everything was going to be great.

Renee Barrera

Dr. Golpanian bedside manner, communication and care was wonderful. I felt very safe having him as my anesthesiologist this morning.

Barbara Chang

Very caring and professional! He put me at ease prior to my surgery and clearly explained everything and answered all my questions. No nausea or adverse side effects from the anesthesia afterwards.

Kelley Marzec

Dr. Golpanian was the first experience ive had. I felt safe, calm, respected, reassured and so so much more. I have a lot of anxiety and i feel like around Dr.Golpanian, it went away. Thank you for not making me feel like i wasnt valued and cared for.


Professional, prompt and personal. Dr Golpanian lays everything out very clearly to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible for your procedure. Ive never had a doctor call you on their personal phone the day before and after to see how you are doing. A very good experience.

Adam Bragdon