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As a proponent for surgical healing and recovery, Dr. Golpanian advocates and offers all of his patients IV OptimizationTM to maximize their surgical results. Please take a minute to read about how IV Optimization works and if its right for you. Dr. Golpanian will provide more details and answer any questions about IV Optimization during your personal phone call.

What is IV Optimization?

IV Optimization is a powerful method of delivering a unique blend of high quality vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and amino acids directly into the blood stream immediately after your surgery. It aims to provide enhanced rapid recovery and superior surgical outcome by optimizing the building blocks required for mental and physical healing.

What are the components and how do they help?

B Complex (B1-B6): Vitamin B-Complex helps you regain your mental energy, focus, and clarity back very quickly after surgery so that you’re not groggy. It also helps in preventing nausea & vomiting. Its what we give patients to help them recover from hangovers and it also works for patients coming out of anesthesia to feel their best.

Vitamin C: High dose Vitamin C helps create collagen which is required for the incisions to heal. Proper levels of collagen will help you heal faster and with less scarring at the incision sites.

Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 increases levels of red blood cells and hemoglobin to easily get oxygen and nutrients to the incision sites for timely and proper healing.

Amino Acid Blend: Lysine, Arginine, Ornithine, Citrulline, and Glutamine are powerful amino acids that have been clinically proven to enhance and aid wound healing in multiple studies.

Biotin: Intravenous Biotin is essential for maintaining and promoting the formation of healthy skin at the incision sites, diminishing scarring, and decreasing keloid formation.

Glutathione Push: Glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant which helps your liver detoxify free radical toxins caused by surgery and anesthetics before they can cause oxidative damage.

Zinc/Selenium/Copper: These are micronutrients that boost your immunity and help prevent infection at the incision sites to allow them to heal properly.

How much does it cost?

IV Optimization has a cost range between $300 – $600 depending on multiple factors. Each drip is customized for you based on your age, weight, medical history, medications taken, and type of surgery you will be having. The exact cost of IV Optimization for your surgery will be provided on your phone call with Dr. Golpanian.

Yes, Dr. Golpanian works with surgeons who are well informed about the effectiveness of IV Optimization and who approve and recommend it to patients.

No, your stay in the recovery room will normally be 30-45mins and the IV Optimization infusion is completed within that time frame.

Absolutely. Oral Multi-Vitamins are not absorbed efficiently due to something called first pass metabolism so only about 10-15% of what you’re taking is available for uptake by the cells in your body. In relation, IV Optimization is given directly into the blood stream so the bioavailability of it to be taken up by your cells is 100%. This is why it is so effective.

Unfortunately no. Insurance companies do not cover the cost of IV Optimization at this time because it is not considered a necessity. However, we do have split payment options for those who qualify.

What our patients say about IV Optimization